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Noureen Jan- an Integrated MBA Student specialized in Finance and Marketing.  Outside academia, dedicated to crafting captivating narratives as an aspiring novelist, She immerses herself in the world of creative writing, exploring the art of storytelling and leveraging creative thinking to craft compelling narratives in the form of storytelling, communication, or conveying complex concepts in an accessible and engaging manner.

A seasoned storyteller with over 5 years of experience and a unique flairs for imagery, genre fusion, world-building, humour and rare themes. Her writing skills go beyond the ordinary, seamlessly weaving together suspense, imagination, and a touch of the extraordinary.

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Vicious Demonic Bellicose

In the enigmatic tapestry of existence, Amelia, the visionary creator of Shatnolic AE Liquid, awakens to a nightmarish reality. Accused of orchestrating macabre murders involving melted human bodies, she grapples with fragmented memories of her eternal self. As the veil between worlds thins, she faces a dire choice – will the echoes of her past self defy the accusations, or will the malevolent force within her succumb to eternal evil? When she received the memories of actions of her eternal self, will she, the past self oppose or will the eternal evil self decimate?

A haunting curse, whispered through the ages by the enigmatic Seth, looms ominously. ““The time will surely come and that time will be horrifying to those who crucify the devil in their God-Ridden hearts and such hearts will burn in the chest by the hell fire for that is the only resuscitate cure of The Almighty Daemon.”

Against a backdrop of blackened ashes, burnt hearts, and veins pulsating with ominous black and red hues, Amelia, accompanied by steadfast friends, embarks on a quest to unravel the mysteries encoded within the sacred ‘AEON BOOK.’ This mystical tome, residing in the Collided World, holds the key to understanding the disrupted harmony of four coexisting realms.

To unlock the arcane knowledge, Amelia must venture into the heart of the Collided World, dripping her blood on the threshold. Yet, the challenge extends beyond mere exploration. The real deal demands not just reading the Aeon Book but retaining its revelations in the material world— a task bordering on the impossible. With her soul detached from her body in the Collided World, imprinting memories on her earthly brain becomes an elusive feat but the actual challenge is to read the book in the Collided world while being in the Devil-Deal for the same.

The facts stated in the Aeon Book is something very relatable in real life settings that is the mystery of Bermuda Triangle and other triangles that are known for mysterious disappearances of cruises and planes.

As the narrative unfolds, the stakes heighten, and the race against the encroaching evil intensifies. Amelia must navigate the treacherous terrain of forgotten memories, or risk the malevolent forces within her prevailing. In this gripping prologue, the stage is set for a tale where the line between reality and the supernatural blurs, and the battle for salvation commences.

Amelia and her friends stood united against Cecilia, determined to halt the impending depredation. The battle between light and darkness reached its climax as the group faced formidable challenges. In the depths of hell, Marcus embarked on a perilous journey to free Old Nick, confronting his own demons along the way.

Pierce, armed with ancient Aeon Book knowledge, sought a way to send the butterflies to Amelia, a symbolic gesture representing hope and transformation. The threads of fate intertwined as the characters’ destinies collided in a final showdown.

Will Amelia’s world shatter when the truth of Marcus Seraphim and Kristopher’s secret helper is unveiled? Is the veil between realms truly on the brink of being lifted, setting the stage for a face-to-face encounter among the three coexisting worlds?

Was the Aeon Book merely a tool to thwart Cecilia, or does it hold deeper secrets? The mystery deepens as questions linger about its origin and purpose. How did Amelia craft this enigmatic tome, and does it conceal more than just the means to stop Cecilia?

As the shadows deepen, will people succumb to helplessness, becoming unwitting servants to Cecilia’s insatiable desires?

Will Amelia unravel her past with Marcus and expose the haunting transformation of Ethan into a devil?

 “Vicious Demonic Bellicose” promises a spell binding storyline. Nonetheless, the process of crafting of this book is as eerie as the book itself!

Books: Where Dreams and Reality Converge

Journey into the boundless realms of imagination with Noureen. Each page is an invitation to explore uncharted territories, to meet captivating characters, and to immerse yourself in stories that transcend time and space.

Noureen understands that books aren't just ink on the paper; they are portals to different worlds, gateways to knowledge, and vessels of inspiration. Whether you're a fervent romance, mystery, suspense, horror or thriller fanatic or someone seeking the perfect gift for a loved one, Noureen Jan's collection of books offer something to everyone.

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